Wine-Kit VINSOL Step by Step day18

Wine-Kit VINSOL Step by Step day18

This is the last stage of home wine preparation - bottling.

The bottles should be washed well before, e.g.: detergents and rinse thoroughly. We can start pouring wine into the bottles prepared in this way.

Pouring wine into bottlesPouring the wine from the sediment into the bottles.

We can pour wine into any type of bottle, it is important that they are tightly closed. It is always worth pouring some of the wine into larger jugs, e.g.: do 5 I give it, in which the wine can mature longer. With this treatment, it is worth it for each balloon 5 l add oak petals that will perfectly enrich the bouquet of wine. On 5 l, add 10-20g of oak flakes - preferably French.

Then you should enjoy the finished wine.

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