Flavored vodkas

Flavored vodkas are the staple of most drinks served in locales. They make, that the alcohol tastes more delicate, it is better to drink and you can compose more interesting drinks.

Trim for alcohol Vodka Lime

Typical fruit-flavored vodkas available in stores in most cases, it is nothing more than pure vodka seasoned with fruit aromas in the right proportions (me in touch-ups for alcohol). Let's not think, that when buying currant vodka in the store, grapefruit, apple or any other, we buy vodka with natural fruit juice. However, despite this, that they are not made on natural fruit, they are still very popular.

We can also prepare flavored vodkas from touch-ups. There are many types of touch-ups available on the market, one of the companies that was one of the first in Europe to start production is the Swedish company STRANDS. To date, their products are considered to be one of the best. The essence is based on natural vegetable oils, fruity, herbal, etc., obtained by distillation, which contributes to their more intense aroma, cleanliness and durability (e.g.: from oak, coffee, vanilla, cumin, anxious, dill, fruit and hundreds of other products). The essence is also based on natural fusel oils (as with grappa essence, they die, brandy, plum brandy or whiskey). The advantage of essences is also their price. Wanting to have a rich bar of alcoholic drinks at home to mix drinks, it is easier to prepare it from essences than by buying dozens of expensive spirits in the store. When buying essences, pay special attention to packaging, essences should only be poured into glass bottles. The glass bottle guarantees the highest quality touch up.

Trim for alcohol Apple Vodka

When it comes to flavored vodkas, we have a choice of vodka: apple, Orange, tangerine, cherry, raspberry, currant, pear, lemon, lime, mint, vanilla, Żubrówka, herbal vodkas and many more.

Below are some proven drink recipes. I count, that you, dear Readers, will enrich this list with your favorite drinks, just add an article at the bottom of the page.

Lime vodka / lemon vodka with cola - they blend in perfectly, with ice and a slice of lime or lemon.

Vanilla vodka with cola - if you haven't tried it, you have to try it.

50ml of grapefruit vodka, splash of grenadine juice and orange juice to refill.

Vanilla vodka + blackcurrant juice.

Żubrówka + Apple Juice.

Apple pie shot: we need large shot glasses to prepare this drink, Żubrówka vodka, apple syrup, cinnamon. Pour a small amount of syrup on one plate
apple so that you can gently dip the rim of the glass. Sprinkle cinnamon on the second plate so that after the rim of the glass is dipped in syrup, it could be rolled in cinnamon. Then pour apple syrup at the bottom of the glass and then gently frosted Żubrówka vodka, to create a two-layered drink. We drink "at once".

All patches available at the wine shop.

I am waiting for your proven drinks based on flavored vodka.

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