In the restaurant

It happens, that while on a business trip or in the mood for entertainment, we go to a hotel or restaurant.


We invite you to the restaurant. In the past, this form was not used often, because everyone considered it his duty to receive guests in the warmth of the family home, where you could show off your culinary talents. The restaurant seemed to be a more favorable place for professional contacts. Today, dinner in a restaurant is a generally accepted form of meetings, and in many circumstances it suits everyone better. The organization of the party does not pose any major problems, which is in line with the modern lifestyle, both when the host is a single man, in which house there is no space and adequate equipment, like then, when the housewife is busy with work or simply avoids the kitchen. In addition, the party in the restaurant does not last until late at night, which suits people who are forced to get up early. Better, however, to give up the restaurant, when our guests are elderly people or people who attach importance to tradition.

Regardless of, do we invite one, two or ten people, certain rules must be followed, thanks to whom and guests, and the hosts will feel at ease. Lunch or dinner? Lunch is more conducive to talking about business, dinner is a time of relaxation and rest. We choose the day freely, however, it is worth remembering, that Saturdays are more crowded and that the waiters and chefs will provide us with better service during the week.

Please select a restaurant, which we already know. Only then can we be sure, that neither the kitchen will disappoint us, nor the service. We order a table earlier and best, if he is in a quiet place, pleasant place, where you can talk. Some restaurants have rooms for private parties. Only under special circumstances, knowing the preferences of the invited people, we decide to go to an exotic restaurant or one that serves specific dishes.

The inviter should arrive first and ask the waiter, that the guests are directed to the correct table, where he will welcome them and introduce them to those present. If the guests are numerous, We arrange the table plan according to the same rules, which are valid for parties at home.

The menu can be arranged in advance with the chef and the room manager. Printed or handwritten, lies at the ends of the table, so that guests can get acquainted with it. We are also allowed to leave our guests free to choose, then, however, the inviter should help in making it, by saying for example, which he himself decided to do. Guests should exercise restraint and order their dishes, whose price is moderate, not limiting drastically or filling the table like this, to bend. Good manners require the guest to follow in the host's footsteps, and make the host, to make everyone feel at ease. We make the choice without haste, but we don't hesitate too long, making others wait.

The bill is made discreetly. If the guests are numerous, the inviting person makes an appointment with the room manager in advance, that the bill will be given to him on their departure or sent home. The inviter can also leave at the end of the meal and settle the bill. At a table, it's best to use a bank card, to avoid public counting of money. The invoice is submitted folded. We check it quickly, without staring at the numbers.

Apart from such parties, it also happens, and much more often, that we are going to dinner for two or a couple. Then either someone invites the others, or everyone pays for himself, or we divide the bill into equal parts. Wanting to find out about the prices of a restaurant, we can have a look at the guide in advance. By making a choice, we follow the same principles, which apply to the invited persons – we avoid the most expensive wines and dishes. Only close friends can afford to set the level of expenses.