A joint meal is a nice form of negotiating and resolving problems in a favorable atmosphere. When choosing a restaurant, we take into account the preferences of the person, which we invite, as well as the speed of service. After the guest, we "pop in" into his office or make an appointment with him in a restaurant. Then, however, we must come early enough, so as not to expose him to expectation. If the guest expects to be late, notifies us of this and gives an approximate time of arrival. The same rules apply to both parties as hosts and guests meeting privately in the restaurant.

We don't move business too quickly, but we do not delay it either. It's best to get down to business after placing your order and making your wine selection. The initiator of the meeting should not force his visitor to empty a bottle of wine or drink an aperitif, if he asks for mineral water, wanting to think soberly.

During such a business meal, reaching for a pen, notebook or documents, to clarify any issues, it is not inappropriate, provided, however, that both parties are well versed in the matter. Lunch may, but it doesn't have to, only be a form of making contact, therefore, even taking out the calculator, we do not go wrong.

Even with the best dishes and wines, we must be cautious and show the greatest possible courtesy.

You also need to know, when and how to end such a business meeting, not keeping the visitor too long. His time is precious, so better not to enjoy every sip of coffee and not sip a drop of liqueur. Let's part, saying, that we have another meeting in a moment. It's best to pay your bill by credit card.