Alcohol patches FAQ

Alcohol patches FAQ.

To obtain exceptionally good results when mixing essences into alcohols and distillates, you should follow some proven ones, practical ways, which will significantly improve

the taste qualities of the finished alcohol. Otrzymany alkohol będzie niemal nie do odróżnienia od


Resweratrol – it is an amazing substance belonging to compounds called antioxidants. Currently, it enjoys great interest in the world of science and sports. It has been proven that resveratrol: inhibits the formation of free radicals, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, slows down the aging process, has anti-inflammatory properties, …

Coobra 48 - more powerful TURBO

Coobra 48 - more powerful TURBO

In our wine hobby, one of the essential products is yeast. There are many types of yeast that can be fermented: more or less aromatic, with greater or lesser alcohol tolerance, fermenting quickly or slowly.

Drożdże przeznaczone do szybkiej

Bartending accessories

Bartending accessories.

Garnier - Bartender Knives to garnish with drinks.

With the help of such knives, we can create unforgettable decorations for our cocktails, remember that the taste of a drink is one thing, but you should also encourage others to try it, and what is the easiest way to encourage if not by looks?…