How wine is made?

How wine is made?

• Use only fully ripe wine to make wine, healthy fruit.

• Squeeze the juice immediately after grinding the fruit or else – for dark fruit – carry out preliminary fermentation in the pulp.…

Wine desserts

Wine desserts

Strawberries in red wine

1/2 kg of strawberries
3/8 liter of strawberry wine
2 spoons of sugar

Wash the strawberries and cut them into quarters. Sprinkle with sugar and leave for a few hours. Put them in compote-makers and pour strawberry wine.


Wine acidification

Wine acidification.

There are also fruit species, low in acidity, like pears, hawthorn, rhubarb, black lilac, moral, and also honey for the production of mead. They require the addition of an acid in the form of a concentrated lactic acid 50% or even 80%. Lactic acid stabilizes …

Reducing the acidity of wine

Reducing the acidity of wine.

Correcting wine "wet" concerns not only the weight of the must; the addition of water also increases the amount of fluid, thereby reducing the acid content.

Fruit juice, which does not need to be enriched, but which shows high acidity, deacid …



A recommendable method of reducing acidity is undoubtedly blending juices with different acid content. After all, there are apples that are acidic and less acidic; if the juice of them is mixed together, arises delicious, drink, while each juice separately is not too …

Correcting wine "wet"

Correcting wine "wet".

This method is used to correct not only the sugar content (so later alcohol), but the excess acid is also reduced. Granulated sugar, which is added to the juice, it first dissolves in water. The juice not only benefits from this …