Correcting wine "wet"

Correcting wine "wet".

This method is used to correct not only the sugar content (so later alcohol), but the excess acid is also reduced. Granulated sugar, which is added to the juice, it first dissolves in water. Sok

Correcting wine "dry"

Correcting wine "dry".

By correcting a wine it is meant adding sugar to it, and with certain kinds of fruit also acid, or in the case of fruit with high acidity, lowering it. Correcting the wine, przy produkcji na dużą

Determining the acidity of wine

Determining the acidity of wine.

As long as sugar is the basis of the subsequent alcohol content, the acid shapes the aroma and taste of the wine. Both factors must be in a favorable relationship to each other. Taki harmonijny stosunek występuje tylko w dobrych