Wine-Kit VINSOL Step by Step - day16

Wine-Kit VINSOL Step by Step - day16

After 15 days from setting VINSOL house wine, fermentation is complete. The fermentation tube stopped clinking. The end of fermentation can also be checked with a sugar meter - this should be done 2 attempts at an interval 2 days - the same value on the indicator means the end of fermentation. If the measurement on the sugar meter decreases, this means, that fermentation is still going on. After fermentation is complete, the indications of the sugar meter should indicate 0 for dry wines. From the amount of processed sugar (amount of Balings at the setting - amount of Balings at the end of fermentation) you can specify the content % alcohol in wine.

This is the perfect time for the first tasting, is our wine going in the right direction. Please note, that the wine is still very young at this point, the bouquet has not fully developed and we can only give a general evaluation of our drink, first of all, you need to check if it is sweet enough and if you add any herbs or leave it "clean". If our home wine is not sweet enough - we can sweeten it with sugar or honey.

It is best to take the wine with a sampler (so as not to disturb the sediment) and taste it. Really - enjoyable work and tasting!

Wine tasting recipe for VINSOL wine

Our wine is perfect, the taste is slightly semi-sweet and fruity. After 3-5 the monthly maturation period will be perfect.

Now the wine should be poured from the sediment into a clean fermenter for the first time. If we don't have a second balloon, we can pour the wine clean, plastic water container, then wash the balloon thoroughly and pour the wine back.

Pouring house wine above the sediment

After pouring the wine into the balloon, we need to do two things.

The first is to add the included fermentation stop agent. This is to protect the wine against secondary fermentation in the bottles. The agent should be mixed in a glass in a small amount of wine, then add to the whole and mix. We leave the wine for 2 times.

Then we clarify the wine with the enclosed agent. The order in which the sachets are added is important, first the contents of the sachet marked with the symbol J and mix thoroughly. Then pour the contents of the sachet marked with the symbol K and mix it too. We leave the wine until fully clarified, on 1-3 days. After this time, our wine will be ready to be bottled

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