Campari - probably the best bitter in the world!

Campari - probably the best bitter in the world!

Persons, who are just getting to know the alcohols are usually satisfied with the information about it, that Campari is a bitter liqueur. However, when they taste the Italian delicacy straight from Milan, they will surely come to the conclusion, that his definition is not strict. Actually, in its case we are dealing with a certain generalization, for the statement is much closer to the truth, that Campari is a bitter. What alcohol are we talking about and what we should know about it?

The most classic combination - Red Italian + Orange juice

The most classic definition says this, that bitter is a drink with a fairly high alcohol content, among many others, however, he is distinguished primarily by this, that it is flavored with extremely bitter herbs, plants, and sometimes also intense citrus, expressive taste. At the very beginning of his career, bitter was not used for this, to enjoy it. Yes, it was drunk regularly, usually, however, it had a destiny, which we would call medical today. After the meal, it guaranteed good digestion, when it was reached after a lavish party, you could be sure, that the next day will pass without unnecessary "sensation". Only with time did the bitter find the first attentive enthusiasts, that a very bitter taste can be his great asset, once you fell in love with him, it was hard to stop a dizzying career, as did this alcohol. Interestingly, bitter found its enthusiasts not only on the European continent, but also in other parts of the world, and its popularity is still exceptionally high.

Interestingly, it didn't take long, and it was discovered, that bitter can be a great ingredient in drinks and cocktails, its bitter note does not have to be dominant at all. Moreover, recognized, that bitter perfectly emphasizes the taste of other components of the drinks, so today we can meet with careful bartenders, that every good drink should have a bit of Campari in it. If we want to find out about it ourselves, can we become bitters' admirers, we should start with very simple drinks with the addition of Campari. The most classic consists of 25 milliliters (a small glass) Campari, 75 milliliters of soda water and ice, However, soda water can be replaced with orange juice with a distinct taste and aroma. Campari Soda and Campari Orange are classics of the genre, Therefore, getting to know these drinks should not disappoint us in any way.

There are many alcohols on the market that have a taste very similar to the original drink. There are even some alcohol patches that reflect the taste of this liqueur, One of the best Campari flavors on the market is the Swedish liqueur Red Italian. Thanks to it, we can get to know the taste of this unique bitter and prepare unique drinks at home.

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