Homemade whiskey made from dry malt extract

Preparation of homemade whiskey from dry malt extract and glucose.

Ingredients for homemade whiskey:
2kg dry, dark malt extract
5,5kg of glucose
Coobra Whiskey yeast or other pure TURBO

Sample recipe for homemade whiskey:

  • Heat 3-5L of water in a large pot. Pour glucose into boiling water and add dry or liquid dark malt extract (it must be an unground extract!), we turn offDomowa whisky z suchego ekstraktu słodowego heating and stir until completely dissolved.
  • Pour the dissolved glucose and malt extract into a 30L plastic fermentation container and fill with cold water up to 25l (it is worth having a plastic fermentation container with a 30l scale), so that the setting temperature reaches 22-280C. At this time we recommend adding a sachet with liquid activated carbon which will eliminate unwanted aromatic compounds formed during fermentation, to make the final flavor more delicate.
  • For setting at temperature 22-280C add the whole sachet of turbo yeast, Coobra Pure SpiritFerm Moskva Style yeast can be used, T Vodka Star, Coobra Whysky. The optimal fermentation temperature is 18-220C, at this temperature, fermentation should be complete after approx 7 days. Lower fermentation temperature approx. 150C will be more beneficial to the final taste, however, fermentation time may be up to two times longer. Do not close the fermentor with the fermentation tube because fermentation is turbulent.
  • After the fermentation is completely finished, we recommend that you carefully clarify the setting with one of the two-component clarifying agents: SpiritFerm SUPERCLEAR chubby Phantom READY, that all the particles of the dead yeast as well as the remnants of the previously used coal fall to the bottom of the fermentor. The setting should be gently decanted from the accumulated sediment into a clean container, using for this purpose special tubes for decanting the sediment.
  • At this point, you can start distilling the set. For the full aromaticity of home malt whiskey, it is recommended to receive a distillate with strength 84-88%.
  • The obtained distillate should be diluted to strength with good quality water 50% add another sachet of liquid activated carbon and set aside 10 days. Do not pass the distillate through the filter column, nor increasing the dose of coal because we will lose too much malt flavor. After this time, the distillate must be filtered through paper or filter paper to remove the carbon.
  • After filtering the distillate, dilute it to strength 40%, close it tightly and set aside for approx 12 months. Medium toasted American oak flakes should be added to the maturing whiskey (American oak flakes add more coconut-vanilla flavors to alcohol than French oak flakes) in an amount 0,5 up to 1.5 g / 1L of alcohol.

We can get amazing results by adding to our whiskey

(after puberty) STRANDS alcohol staples for whiskey:


in the amount of 25 ml of a touch-up for about 1-3L of alcohol.

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