Wine and its roots

Wine and its roots

Starożytne Greckie amfory na winoAncient Greek amphoras for wine

Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermenting grapes. All the other wines, generally referred to as fruit, they do not fully deserve their name, because they only meet the alcohol content criterion, while the manufacturing process is different, and certainly not so great and time-honored, as with grape wine.

Such wine has already been produced 5, maybe even 6 thousand years BC. The first grapevines were cultivated in today's Georgia and Iran, but it was the Greeks and Romans who were remembered by all cultures as the greatest popularizers of this drink. Of course, back then, wine was a way not to get drunk (because they were diluted tenfold) but not drinking water full of pathogens.

Wine accessories for winemaking, drożdże winne Warszawa

In the Middle Ages, wine replaced beer (to this level, that some principalities have banned the consumption of the latter), which was considered a manifestation of paganism (for there is Eucharistic wine, not a mass beer). In turn, Islam forbade (and so far it forbids) use of wine for purposes other than medicinal and cosmetic. Geographical discoveries sealed the success of wine - there was no longer such good land for viticulture in Europe, however, the production technique has been perfected here all the time. In the 17th century, there was a revolution - the wine could mature in bottles (just like that - previously the glass used to make bottles was too weak and brittle).

The crops were improved along the way: chemization and mechanization gave higher yields and increased the yield of vineyards. At the same time, however, wine began to be produced in other parts of the world: in years 80 i 90 XX w. wines from Australia and California won the palates of gourmets around the world, thereby dethroning France, Greece and Spain. Today, the wine selection is so large, that the origin code alone is no longer sufficient to choose the tastiest drink.