Correcting wine "wet"

Correcting wine "wet".

This method is used to correct not only the sugar content (so later alcohol), but the excess acid is also reduced. Granulated sugar, which is added to the juice, it first dissolves in water. The juice not only benefits from sweetness, but also dilutes with a neutral liquid, what is water, which also lowers the acid content.

However, the addition of sugar water must not exceed 10% the amount of juice, because the wine will lose its flavor. Therefore, the method of correcting wine "wet" comes into play only then, when the juice is extremely acidic, and at the same time has a particularly strong aroma, which will not suffer much when diluting.

The procedure is as follows.

For example, an acid meter contains very acidic fruit juice, whose acidity is 16 g/l. The optimal value would be 8 g/l. If the same amount of water is added to the juice, this will reduce the acid content by half, but also a value expressed in degrees Ochsle. Therefore, you need to measure out the added sugar again. This is how it is done, as described in the previous article. Fruit juices, which slightly exceed the normal value 6-8 g / l can be de-acidified by adding sugar water, however, it is better to blend them with low-acid juices, just like low-acid juices are blended with sour fruits.