Christmas poppy seed cake

Christmas poppy seed cake

Fragrant Christmas Eve poppies, made by mother or grandmother - this is the memory of many of us. Some even think, that Christmas Eve without the poppy seed cake is simply not the same anymore, because this unique aroma spreading throughout the house cannot be replaced with anything else. Once our grandmothers prepared yeast poppy seed cake, today these laws are frequently changed and improved, but the smell of traditional yeast dough is unique. Just like Easter, it cannot do without poppy seed and nut mazurkas and Easter cake.

Yeast poppy seed cake

Ingredients for the mass of poppy seeds:

30 dkg maku

2 eggs

15 dkg of butter

20 dkg of sugar

Ingredients for the dough:

4 glasses of flour

2 tablespoons of fat

5 dkg of yeast (2 flat spoons)

ok. 0,5 l let him

4 what (2 yolks + 2 whole eggs

0,5 glasses of plain sugar

a bag of vanilla sugar

pinch of salt

I. Time:

The poppy seed should be prepared the day before the planned baking - rinse it, drain and pour boiling water over it. We mix and leave it overnight or for a few hours. On the next day, we pass the poppy seeds 3 times through the machine and add the individual components of the mass to it.

II. Yeast dough:

1) Solution:

First, we make a leaven for the dough: mash the yeast in a wide and tall pot or bowl, which we combine with vanilla sugar, 4 teaspoons of flour and add this amount of milk, to obtain a liquid but thick consistency. Leave the solution to rise in a warm place for around 0,5 – 1 hours.

2) Yeast dough:

After the leaven has risen, we can start preparing the dough. You can make dough by hand in a bowl or in a food processor. Grate the eggs and sugar with a mixer until they are cream colored (then they will not weigh down the dough), add a pinch of salt to them to make them even better. Gradually pour eggs with sugar into the leaven, we add flour alternately (a couple of spoons - not at once) and the rest of the milk. We keep kneading the dough until the time, when it starts to come loose from your hand, at the very end, add the melted fat and knead for a while. Then cover the dough with a cotton cloth and leave it to rise (should double its volume).

3) Whole:

Divide the dough into 3 parts. We roll out each part separately, then spread with protein (what's left of the dough). Put the poppy seed mass on the rolled out dough, we put the edges inwards and wrap them into a narrow roll. Put everything into oblong molds previously smeared with fat. We leave a few more minutes, until the dough rises. Bake for about 50 minutes in the preheated oven to 180 degrees.

After baking, decorate the cake with icing.