If you had a good look at the history of vermouth, the roots of this drink could be traced back to ancient Greece. Hippocrates added herbs to wines, to intensify their healing effects (anyway it was about action and herbs, and wine, because they were substances considered to be medicinal). However, Hippocrates not only did not strengthen the wine, and vermouth is a fortified wine, but even diluted them, in accordance with the customs prevailing at the time. Nevertheless, the history of herb-flavored wines began just then.

Fortified wines are already a matter of many, much later, and the vermouth itself was not created until the 18th century in Turin. Each, who knows German at a fairly good level, how, that the word Vermouth means wormwood, and from college Wormwoodeach, who knows about alcohol, how, that wormwood is the main ingredient in absinthe. For a certain Antonio Benedetto Castello knew the taste of absinthe very well, he also associated his blend for flavoring wines with wormwood (however, this herb was not in the composition). This is how vermouth was born, liquor, which only achieves its full flavor then, when it is properly prepared and served.

Good vermouth does not require complicated preparation. Pure wine can be served in cocktail glasses with lemon or olive and an average amount of ice. Vermouths are also used as a staple ingredient in many drinks (Manhattan, American, Negroni and the immortal Martini).

Of course, the method of serving depends on personal preferences and the type of vermouth. As befits wine, there are sweet and dry varieties (dry i extra dry). It is worth adding some interesting facts, that individual species are distinguished by the color of the bottle and cap: dry ones are a green bottle and a screw cap, sweet white white bottle with blue screw cap, a sweet red bottle with a green color and a red cap.

Even in our home wine hobby, we have access to many aromas for wines and vodkas. Thanks to these essences and alcohol aromas, we can prepare delicious wine at home.
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