What if the wine stops working

What if the wine stops working

If the wine stops working - it's time to restart the wine.

It can happen sometimes, that the wine will stop working and it is not finished yet, i.e.. it's too cute, or has too little % alcohol.

The main reasons for inhibition of fermentation may be:

  • no sugar;
  • acidity drop below 3,0 pH;
  • the temperature drop;
  • exceeding the internal fermentation temperature above 350C in the balloon which causes the yeast to die;
  • lack of nutrients for yeast;
  • the presence of substances that inhibit fermentation;

If the temperature is lowered too much, then the easiest way to restart fermentation is to reheat the set. In the absence of an effect, it is necessary to remove the wine from the yeast sediment, because it may not only contain dead yeast, but also substances that inhibit fermentation.

If we find, that the sugar content of the wine is too low, the wine should be sweetened with sugar syrup or sugar dissolved in heated wine.

The final step is to add strongly fermenting wine yeast, resistant to alcohol and properly prepared to resume fermentation, i.e.. restart.

Dwe recommend the following yeasts to resume fermentation:

  1. RITCHIE RESTART - English specialist yeast for restart;
  2. Alcotec Re-Start
  4. Bayanus yeast

Yeast for reboot should be prepared like other active yeasts, and then quench with wine intended for restart, i.e.. for hydrated yeast after 20 min. add a teaspoon of wine every 15 minutes. for approx. 2 hours.

Add the prepared yeast to the restarted wine. Remember to add nutrient solution enriched with microelements, e.g.: ENARTIS Nutriferm Supervit.

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