Alcohol patches FAQ

Alcohol patches FAQ.

To obtain exceptionally good results when mixing essences into alcohols and distillates, you should follow some proven ones, practical ways, which will significantly improve

the taste qualities of the finished alcohol. The resulting alcohol will be almost indistinguishable from the original alcohol, especially in drinks:

If we use shop spirit to prepare touch-ups, to one should wait for the spirit with water to "bite" for a sufficiently long time. It is accepted for a minimum of 24h, however, it is practically recommended that the spirit "chews through" even a few weeks. Over time, spicy spirit flavors are significantly milder.

After making up the specific taste of the touch up, it is good that such ready-made alcohol also "bit" for a sufficiently long time. As a rule, it is written in the instructions, that the touch-up is ready for 24 hours after mixing it, it is practically better to leave such alcohol for a minimum of a week - 2 weeks, and after a few months from reorganization, the seasonings take on a deeper flavor.

If specified in the manual, that the touch-up should be combined with sugar and alcohol, it is good, in order not to add sugar in a loose form directly to the bottle (it is difficult to dissolve it well). It is good to dissolve a certain amount of sugar in a vessel in as little water as possible (water should then be added a teaspoon and be careful that the sugar does not burn) and after it has cooled down, mix it in the bottle with a touch-up and alcohol. Sugar added in the form of a syrup will combine faster and more thoroughly.

Remember to rinse the bottle with the sample after pouring it into the bottle. A large part of the touch-up is deposited on the walls, for this purpose, rinse the bottle with the alcohol used for mixing and add it to the whole.

Choose patches sold in glass bottles, guarantee the highest quality, touch-ups sold in plastic bottles, They "pass" in taste with plastic because plastic can react with some ingredients of the essence. Plastic also does not guarantee perfect tightness like glass and does not stop UV rays.

GIN alcohol essences: Blue India, London Gin and English Gin

If we have alcohol or inferior quality distillate, The best spot to hide the aftertaste is GIN.

Serve the alcohol to the table in a bottle of the original alcohol. This is a trick that works on the drinker's subconscious mind.

Very adding the original alcohol to the touch-up gives good results, e.g.: preparing the whiskey touch-up, it is worth adding 25-50 ml of original whiskey to the prepared touch-up.

Choose reputable patches, proven brands such as Swedish STRANDS patches.

Cheval Whiskey essences, Single Malt Whisky, Cognac Nun Black


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