How to prepare tasty and healthy apple wine

How to prepare tasty and healthy apple wine

Apples in Poland they are the most widely used fruit for making home-made fruit wines. They are used for the production house wine single-fruit or as a base for multi-fruit wines.

Best to make home-made wine, use apples of late varieties

Domowe wino jabłkowe

autumn and winter (different varieties of Renet or Antonówki , which, in comparison with the early varieties, contain more acids, sugar and extract and therefore give a better product . As with any other fruit for wine, choose ripe apples, healthy with adequate acidity and medium size. That's why I think, that you should first buy an apple and try it, if we like it, is cute, tasty and juicy - it is perfect for our wine. Second note regarding the choice of apples, then you should choose apples that are larger than smaller ones, smaller apples are less aromatic than large apples, although this is not a rule.

Another frequently asked question about making apple wine is: whether to peel apples? In my opinion, based on my own experience and conversations with many winemakers, I consider, that apples should be added with the skin. In the apple peel, as well as in the fruit layer just below the skin, the most aromatic substances are found

If we use other, inferior quality apples for wine, apples from fallen, wild, etc.. it is necessary to add other fruits to enrich the setting and improve the aromaticity, e.g.. heavenly apples , currants, gooseberries or raisins.

Apples for house wine should be washed thoroughly, hollow out and cut into small pieces. Then pour hot sugar syrup over the apples and, after cooling, add an enzyme preparation that facilitates the release of fruit juice, then leave everything covered for a few hours. After this time, add the yeast and nutrient solution ,mix everything thoroughly and set up a fermentation tube. Press the fruit for the first time after the end of the turbulent fermentation, which usually takes about a week. We pour the obtained wine without fruit pulp into a clean fermenter where silent fermentation will continue.

Silent fermentation of homemade apple wines usually takes about two months. During this time, pay attention to the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the balloon, to decant the wine in a timely manner from the sediment and prevent the development of wine diseases.

It is accepted,

that on 10 kg of apples, add a syrup prepared with 2.5l of water and 2 kg of sugar,

we will get wine with an alcohol content of approx. 16%.

Recommended use of pectolytic enzymes.

Recommended wine yeast: counterpart, Aroma White

Apple wine matures very quickly, but it should be kept in a cool place and it is not suitable for long-term aging.

Recipe for apple wine

15kg of apples

500g of raisins

3kg of sugar

3L of water

Medium, wine yeast: counterpart, Stainberger, Universal.

Crush the apples, we cut into cubes, of course, we remove the core and seeds that could introduce too much tartness to our homemade wine. Pour everything into the fermenter and pour hot sugar syrup. After cooling down to approx 25-300C we add an enzyme agent, medium and wine yeast.

Apples are perfect for mixing with other fruits, proven combinations are:

apples - gooseberries

apples - currant

apples - raisins

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